Olandezii au fost în ultimii 60 de ani cei mai înalți oameni din lume, însă studiile arată că înălțimea lor scade. Care este motivul - [Analize]

2021.09.18 12:57 niuz-bot Olandezii au fost în ultimii 60 de ani cei mai înalți oameni din lume, însă studiile arată că înălțimea lor scade. Care este motivul - [Analize]

Biroul național olandez pentru statistici a confirmat că bărbații și femeile din Olanda rămân cei mai înalți oameni de pe planetă, însă statisticienii guvernului au… Mai departe »
Citeste in continuare: https://www.g4media.ro/olandezii-au-fost-in-ultimii-60-de-ani-cei-mai-inalti-oameni-din-lume-insa-studiile-arata-ca-inaltimea-lor-scade-care-este-motivul.html
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2021.09.18 12:57 Covid19ISNOTCool In my 30s, I failed my 10 year marriage by cheating on my wife, thinking about quitting my three-year soul-sucking government job, and move to LA to become a full-time actor. I'm lost, and I don't want to hurt people anymore. What do I do?

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2021.09.18 12:57 jobsforFTs [Identify] Girard-Perregaux 1966

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2021.09.18 12:57 picboi Analysis shows 99% of Climate lies on Facebook go unchecked

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2021.09.18 12:57 Tessia0710 Where to read Under The Oak Tree - Chapter 45: Devoured Till Morning (1) | 19 online for free!!

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2021.09.18 12:57 Niwex989 Mesprit on me! 7613 6851 0955

Trying to invite 10
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2021.09.18 12:57 Toadfire Where are you from and what is the top Steakhouse near you?

I’m from Tampa FL and we’ve got Bern’s Steakhouse which is an entire experience in it’s self.
They are best known for having the largest privately owned wine collection in the world.
Generally, Everybody eats the same thing. They serve you the House Salad, French Onion Soup, and a Loaded Baked Potato. They cut your steak to order so you have to give them exactly how many inches you want thick. There is a fun little grid with all the steak cuts and thickness that you can get as well as deciding how much marbling and fat is trimmed off.
After dinner, you go on a tour of the wine cellar and kitchen. They show off some bottles of wine that cost more than a house and let you smell some open bottles from the renaissance period. Than you go by the butcher and watch as they are cutting steaks to order.
After that, they take you upstairs to the dessert room where you get another table and than sit and order from an extensive sweets menu.
The entire night is usually $300 per person but the food and atmosphere really are something special.
For steak lovers who are visiting Tampa, it’s well worth the night out.
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2021.09.18 12:57 CorvoBiancosFinest Offering help anywhere in the game [BL231]

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2021.09.18 12:57 Born_Independent_239 Can’t Unsee this now..

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2021.09.18 12:57 pokelivesmatter [Asian 18+ SFW] A Non-Toxic Asian Social Community Server. A chill place that welcomes all Asians and non-asians. Hangout for gaming, chatting, video calls, or any hobbies within the Asian community.

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2021.09.18 12:57 CrMastermind That special girl... (Iktr)

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2021.09.18 12:57 raziel11111 how to truly remaster gore/shagaru magala MY OPINION please read.

ever since i played 4 u it was my first monster hunter, i went back and re visited so many others. but none of them held a candle to the master of the frenzy virus. having gore come back in a game wouldn't be enough he needs a presence seeing as his virus can cause so much damage on its own.
part 1 monsters
i think it would be amazing to bring back frenzied monsters in the next mh game. not in rise. its doesn't fit the theme this would be the next game or an expansion of whatever comes next. adding frenzied monsters and again apex along with the Wystone. this could make more interesting farm for charms / deco (whatever they decide and unlock new sets similar to hyper monsters in GU with XR versions.
part 2 the hunter
really allow the hunter to embody themselves with a virus. just like how the monsters become apex and make it their own allow us to do the same. what do i mean with this? well the antivirus skill in GU along with the frenzy hunter art are not bad. but we could do better. new weapons new status. and new armor theme i would add a new item (similar to a mantle) that would give the frenzy virus
allow the gore weapons to have the new frenzy status. what does this do? you build up the frenzy meter just like any status weapon when it procs the monster goes enraged increasing its damage however at the same time (just like the hunter) takes increased damage from all frenzy sources. this would not be easy to proc but when it does the frenzy status modifier would be added to the weapon as raw damage. 10 frenzy = 10 raw (i know not big now but wait till you see the rest) also yes this would proc challenger. yes wystones would knock them out of this status
the armor (assuming its gen 5 using worlds system)
quick note antivirus is the same as GU 30% affinity etc. this would come in a tier of 3 each tier would add 5% affinity when inflicted and increase duration by 15 seconds (so a slight buff with the duration for those who wanna not use the gore armor)
both sets would come with this and the new perk frenzy buildup (just like blast, poison, etc..) 4 tiers just like others statuses. so yes this would increase the "frenzy damage" when it procs also only found on this armor.
neither set would come with challenger you would need to slot that in yourself. (for balance reasons)
Gore magala is the start Shagaru is the end. to allow some form of mix set potential Gore armor would take 3. but for full effect Shagaru would need all 5 pieces. i want these armors to really enjoy the frenzy gimmick since they would NEED to use gore or shagaru weapons
set bonus Gore armor: patient zero, frenzied monsters deal reduce damage to you by 10% frenzy status lasts 30% longer on self and you get a 5% increase to raw when frenzied.
Shagaru set bonus: Plague spreader, frenzied monsters deal reduce damage to you by 20% frenzy status lasts 60% longer on self and you get a 10% increase to raw when frenzied and 20% affinity
(also this armor would come with maintenance maxed build in)
and finally i would like to add either a skill like hidden element and elementless. adding small amounts of frenzy to non elemental weapons 1 tier like elementless adding a flat 10. so if you have a frenzy guy on the team you can take advantage of the extra damage.
i know it was allot to read for those who stuck through. THANK you please tell me what you think? i feel all this could be rebalanced if it seems too much by simple number tweaks thank you!
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2021.09.18 12:57 Fuuya-151 The Weekly Random Discussion Thread ~ Week 376

Hey hey, everyone! Welcome to Week #376! I hope you all had a great week!
As always: "If you're new to these threads, the Weekly Random Discussion Threads serve as "off-topic threads," for the discussion of any topics, not limited to Touhou. Just don't forget to follow the subreddit's rules!"
Thanks for being awesome, everyone! Let's chat!
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2021.09.18 12:57 Major-Ad7553 :)

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2021.09.18 12:57 Tessia0710 Where to read Maou Gakuin No Futekigousha - Chapter 121 online for free!!

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2021.09.18 12:57 ProkhorZakharov Abyss Challenges

What are some fun restrictions to put on abyss runs to make them more challenging? Here's some I've tried or intend to try:

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2021.09.18 12:57 Moist_Supermarket_32 Seasons are changing

Open toed shoes, high heels, and flip flop season is coming to an end, but that means that stinky damp winter boots season is on the way, anyone as excited as i am? Dont get me wrong i think open toe season is better usually but im already day dreaming about wet smelly socks fresh out of winter boots,
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2021.09.18 12:57 Windows_10X Any tiktok alternatives?

being gay or trans is pure brain damage, every time I upload homophobic stuff, I get banned any alternatives that don't support this mental disease?
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2021.09.18 12:57 hmd53 Getting a new ram kit for my laptop

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2021.09.18 12:56 Pagan___Metal I am shocked we arent getting The Witcher Legendary.

After the success of Mass Effect Legendary, which is 1 game that has all three mass effect games plus bonus content and dlc/expansions. All revamped with better graphics and modernized gameplay, i am extremely shocked that more games arent getting that same treatment.
The Witcher games would be perfect for that treatment and, unless i missed some news, im really shocked thats not happening. A high graphics remake is nice since i finally have a pc that can run that but tbh i need more then that to get me to fork over 60 bucks for a game i already have and looks perfectly fine.
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2021.09.18 12:56 TomorrowGalaxy What happened to the bot?

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2021.09.18 12:56 dbesy25 Great Adventure Fireworks

Has anyone done the fireworks show at SFGA this month? My girls really want to see them, but I have my reservations. They're too young to be vaccinated, so I don't want them elbow to elbow with a bunch of people. They also don't like to be scared, so having to be in the park after 6pm is going to be its own challenge.
If you've seen Frightworks, was it super crowded? Any spots a little away from crowds that still have a good view?
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2021.09.18 12:56 Infrared_Baron No Longer Airborne

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2021.09.18 12:56 quixotic_cynic Crunch time for Biden’s economic plan: ‘Failure is not an option’

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2021.09.18 12:56 Tessia0710 Where to read An Exclusive love - Chapter 287: An Ru, You Have a Death Wish! online for free!!

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