Acer eg240y

2021.09.18 13:37 Gallba Acer eg240y

Hey, can u give some rewievs of this monitor? I couldnt find any.
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2021.09.18 13:37 17RedPills Can anyone identify what animal this came from? I'm thinking bear.

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2021.09.18 13:37 Xabus I've never got so many bad units at once..

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2021.09.18 13:37 xXzBoomDustAshzXx well- that just freaking happened in Baby simulator im playing

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2021.09.18 13:37 Byleths_Starlight M!Byleth week Day 4: Surprise

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2021.09.18 13:37 colisocol Can’t set up Chromecast gen 1

I recently was given a gem 1 Chromecast. I factory reset it so it wasn’t looking for the old wifi it was connected to and the TV said to connect on the Google Home app. However no matter how many times I follow the steps and try to connect it, the app detects nothing. I can’t seem to find anything online for the gen 1 version so I’m just wondering if it’s not usable anymore or if I’m doing something wrong?
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2021.09.18 13:37 PotatoKittyQueen Trading

Glimmer halo
Autumn halo
for halos
LF: Multiple lower tier halos
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2021.09.18 13:37 killHACKS Only in America

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2021.09.18 13:37 aqnayab123 علاج تنحيف الوجه أبو ظبي

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2021.09.18 13:37 KushtyKush Anywhere I can get some good old fashioned warm sugar Donuts?

Attempting to please my wife who has a pregnancy craving for warm sugary donuts, any ideas where I can get them?
Doughnotts etc won't suffice, gotta be like the ones at goose fair!
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2021.09.18 13:37 regian24 You dropped something

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2021.09.18 13:37 simon_roger_art Airbrush on paper, 50x50 cm, green ink.

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2021.09.18 13:37 definitelynotabotact Controversial Tory-linked PR firm working to oust Trudeau in Canada’s election

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2021.09.18 13:37 DaddyMusk When Japanese voice actors read scripts.

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2021.09.18 13:37 AfterHoursQ82Q Gitmo

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2021.09.18 13:37 TheIrishStacker Meet WSS ape 2.0 😂 🤣 - Part ape, part bear, part bull. He can withstand any market trend no matter the price. He buys, no matter what.

Meet WSS ape 2.0 😂 🤣 - Part ape, part bear, part bull. He can withstand any market trend no matter the price. He buys, no matter what. submitted by TheIrishStacker to Wallstreetsilver [link] [comments]

2021.09.18 13:37 Nervous-Cow3936 anyone else get bad headaches?

Im on day 11 of my fast and ive pretty much had a tension headache from day 5 onward 24/7 never ending.
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2021.09.18 13:37 lennart_the_first 8-Bit Breadboard Computer, Turing complete, simulated in Python with Pygame

I simulated a 8-Bit Breadboard computer following the design by the great Ben Eater. The Logic functions without if-else statements but each component is built from smaller components. I can write custom programs in the RAM . The video you are seeing here multiplies two numbers. You can take a look at the logic on my Github:
The visual representation is not completely finished. The instruction register and its connections to the components are not shown.
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2021.09.18 13:37 mydadbald420 birthday party

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2021.09.18 13:37 cubiclized Blue Sky thinking

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2021.09.18 13:37 germanky Leasing Consultant

NOW HIRING Leasing Consultant-
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2021.09.18 13:37 Khazoona My story - I need closure.

Hi all. Firstly, thanks for this platform to share stories, I hope this will make me feel better. I dont expect many people will read this whole thing so i'll put a TLDR at the bottom..
Before I get into the break up, I feel like I should give some background on the relationship. We had been together for 7 years since the age of 17 and I had plans to ask her to marry me on our 10th anniversary. During our 7 years we shared so many perfect life moments - our first time, travelling the world, university and getting out first proper jobs. There were definitely rocky times where life was a bit boring and we fell into low points, I thought that these were natural for a relationship this long but it was always something which played on her mind. Overall, we were pretty dependant on each other, she gave me emotional support and helped me mature as a person, while I gave more practical support like helping with uni work etc. It was very mutually beneficial relationship. She was is the nicest person I have ever met and also one of the most beautiful - to say I was punching is an understatement. I love and miss her so much.
The break up happened about 3 months ago now. We were going through another one of those aforementioned low periods. We were kind of long distance, only a 2 hour trip away but still. We would see each other most weekends as well. I felt like the week leading up to the break up we were a bit distant (I think both just busy with work), so I had planned to make sure we have a fun, activity filled weekend. I get into the car and I'm met with a 'Im sorry, Im just not feeling this anymore'. I was pretty shocked and sort of just dodged the topic. We then had a really really nice day.. walked along the beach, had a nice pizza and then a nap and cuddle in bed. She cried at the pizza place and while cuddling. So we finally ended up speaking about it and quickly came to the conclusion that I should give her some space, so I left and made no contact for the week. This was my first mistake. I thought that the crying and cuddling meant that she wasn't sure on this decision so instead of staying and fighting, I left confident that in a week things would work out. I feel like I was tricked here slightly, whether it was intentional or not, I dont know.
A week had passed and she messaged saying that we should have a call. To be honest, my confidence that this would go my way was pretty low by this point but I still had hope. We chatted briefly but she pretty brutally said "Yh I think this is it im afraid". I hung up pretty instantly, not wanting to cry on the phone to her. Another mistake. I cried all evening.
The following week I sent her a letter and the present I had intended to buy for her bday. The letter explained how gutted I was and that I would always be around if she wanted to try again. It detailed what I think I could improve on in the relationship (communication being a key one) aswell as what I thought our future had in store for us. She responded with a nice message about how lucky she was to have me in her life for so long and I simply sent back a love heart. I was still in denial at this stage and semi confident that space would bring us back together. At this point I am still not 100% sure what actually triggered the break up to be honest.
Then disaster struck. I got COVID so was out of action for about two weeks. We were no contact for this whole period of time. After that, I organised a meet up so I could give her stuff back, but really I just wanted to see her. She lives near my family home so it was an easy meet up. Annoyingly, I had a really bad back that day so I was walking like an old man. probably very unattractive. I bought her a drink and we sat and caught up. Spoke about COVID and she told me she's moving to a nearbyish city. She also mentioned she was going to meet a friend from work but the friend had to isolate (remember this 'friend' for later). The chat then got a bit more serious, I asked her if she's had any thoughts about us, and it turned out to be a no. I then went into my shell and was pretty awkward for the rest of the chat.
This is when it hit me hard. The next week was just full of mental breakdowns and panic attacks. Not only am I heartbroken but I've suddenly lost my place in this world. All my future plans gone. I ask her to meet me again, she very reluctantly accepts because I think she can sense that this is starting to go south and she was right. We met in a very public place and the moment I saw her, I was gone. Breaking down, crying my eyes out and struggling to breath. She just sat there pretty emotionless. I pushed on and got through the questions I had written down on my phone.
The general outcome of the conversation was that she feels more independent and was just not generally very happy at the time. This makes me feel like I was being used for 7 years because at the moment she doesn't need me anymore - I'm gone. This is about 8 months after I helped her recover from brain surgery for fuck sake. I asked her if there was anyone else and she said no. I asked why she didnt talk to me about this sooner so we could have worked on it and she couldn't answer. I asked how she can be so sure this is what she wants.
After the chat I was still in a very bad way and I didn't want to move but I could tell she wanted to get going. We walked back to her car past lots of members of the public who are looking at me crying like I'm a crazy man. We get into her car and I refuse to put my seatbelt on too spend more time with her trying to convince her that we could work. I remember telling her how special she was too me and she just said 'well you didn't make me feel like it sometimes'. This is again something which cut me pretty deep because I have many many social flaws, communication is one of them and I thought she loved me anyway. We drove to my car eventually and it took me a while to get out but as soon as I got into my car, clearly in some distress, she drives away. I sat in the car park for another hour on my own breaking down. I sent her a message 10 mins into that hour saying sorry for being a mess and that I need to be strong my mum and friends. I also sent a message to her parents thanking them for being so kind to me for the last 7 years. I'm a very complex person and any other girl/parents wouldnt even give me the time of day.
Couple more weeks past and I'm starting to get a bit stalky, I hate myself for it, but it made me still feel connected. I had access to online banking, email, moonpig and trainline. This is when I found out a week after the break up phone call, she was meeting that 'friend' who turns out to be a bloke she works with. Whats funny, is she started this job during the height of COVID, she had only met him on microsoft teams.. Turns out they were booking hotels and going out for dinners. I had to know what was going on. I stupidly tried logging into her facebook. She got a notification and I didnt get in.. shit. She messages me having a go, then blocks me on Whatapp. Fair enough I guess. I feel myself slowly turning into the toxic and desperate man I vowed to never become.
Few days on, I get drunk. I call her and start off nice, asking for a lift home or if I could see her. After rejection I confronted her about this guy. She denies cheating on me but tells me they were friends but are now seeing eachother. Great, so now im drunk and mentally distressed. Little did I know that during this phone call she is calling my mates to come and find me (they were also out at the pub). I think I said a couple of unpleasantries, hang up and throw my phone in the river. I then curled up into a ball and broke down again. Luckily my friends found me, recovered my phone still working somehow (thank you steve jobs) and took me home. The next morning I am seriously depressed because of the alcohol. I tried to phone her to apologise, but my number is blocked. I use my friends home phone and ring to say that i'm really sorry. That morning was filled with more brake downs and serious thoughts of suicide. My friends had to keep me from leaving the house.
I decide to take a few weeks off from work, but since I'm working from home, I didn't really tell anyone and tried to do enough to keep people happy. Me and friend would go to the local library for a few hours to get stuff done. Its here I come up with the idea to send another letter. I found that writing it was a good way to say what I needed to say without having to see her and become confrontational. I think the letter was a master piece.. It was structured as follows: 1) Apologies for being toxic and emotionally manipulative. 2) Reminiscing the good times. 3) How I am feeling without being too graphic and 4) ending by telling her I wont give up on her, but I will respect her space. I print the letter out on card and make it into a nice card, I leave it on her doorstep with some flowers, the same which I got her for her brain surgery.
Since then I've tried no contact but I keep relapsing every couple of weeks. I know she is still dating this guy but I get ideas in my head which I cant let go of. I try my luck at seeing if she is ready to talk about the situation, to tell me the truth about what's happened, or to just see if she wants to hang out for the day as friends. Each time is met with being ignored or a rejection. I doubt these things will make me feel better long term but I've not seen her or heard her voice in so long. She has blocked me on all but one avenue and deleted pictures of us in IG. This hit me hard because I feel like that is what I should be doing, not her.
That all leads me to now, writing this. Each day is a struggle. I wake up wishing I was dead and go to bed sad I am alive. I have being trying to get therapy but waiting lists are huge. My friends are amazing and were there for me at the start but contact is getting less and less. I sound like a broken record and feel like a burden. I am alone and scared.
I loved this girl so much and would sacrifice anything to be with her. She is one of the most genuine people I know. A lot of the things that have happened recently are so out of character for her. The brutal dumping out of no where and seedy hotel meet ups with guys. I guess people change? If someone who I worship and think of as the nicest person in the world can be so cruel to me then I am terrified for what another person could do. I thought she loved me unconditionally through both the good and bad times but now it seems she hates me and never wants anything to do with me.
I was under the impression that a lot of the break up was due to my poor communication and lack of commitment. But its not like I didnt want these things, I am just very difficult socially even with my own girlfriend sometimes. I think it was because I knew I was punching. There was a time I was more confident and independent than her but as we got older the roles reversed and I got more insecure. However, even after telling her that I did want these things she still didnt want to listen which makes me think there is something more. That there is something wrong with me and I guess I would agree. Im average looking and on the shorter side with lots of problems. Ofcourse it was me.
I think things are getting serious with this new guy, I dont understand how she can just replace a piece of the puzzle so easily. I hope every day that its just a rebound and that it will end in tears but if she could love me for so long then im sure this guy has probably hit the jack pot.
I think it is clear that these feelings of depression and sadness arent just because of the breakup. Its also about the future, i'm so scared and have so many worries particularly around love.

I really want her to know how I am feeling, I want to tell her that feel suicidal and that its getting worse, I want to tell her that ive started smoking and drinking more. Im sure she would talk to me if she knew how bad it was. But I dont want to be that guy and I know it will push her away more.
I just dont know what to do anymore. Everyone says it will get better, work on yourself etc etc. But I know what I am like as person, I will take this shit to my grave. I dont think I would ever be able to take my own life because of my Mum, friends, and annoyingly my ex. I dont want to do that to them, but I am not happy at the moment.
To be honest, this got pretty exhausting to type out so I am sorry if it lost some structure towards the end.. its a mess just like me!
TLDR: Got dumped, shes moved on very quickly, im left behind feeling like shit, I still love and miss her so so much. Im trying to not be the toxic guy on the end of the phone but im close to breaking point. I need her back or failing that, closure which she has refused to give me.
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2021.09.18 13:37 Qwertyink657 Here u go I made a v2 of u!

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2021.09.18 13:37 ReedHay19 The Misadventures of Halo Infinite's Development

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2021.09.18 13:37 Nyx-Nebula I've never heard silence quite this loud

I woke up to an email notification telling me that I didn't get the job I was eyeing and hoping to get this year.
For a few minutes, I thought I was okay. Convincing deeply myself that I'll have another chance. That I am capable, smart, and there's something out there that is best suited to me.
But after carefully digesting what just happened and telling the people closest to me, I just broke down and realized how hurt, sad, and upset I am.
All of my frustrations for the past year dawned on me and it just felt.. heavy. I used to like being alone but today was just hard. Even now I'm crying and I just let myself embrace all these emotions. I've never felt so sad, lonely, and helpless.
It's just too much.
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